How to make insecticidal soap at home

Having a fragrant and warm insecticidal soap is really a good way to soothe tired muscles and relax the mind. People can easily make insecticidal soap at home with few ingredients. They can dress up the insecticidal soap with pretty ribbons and make a homemade gift. insecticidal soap was a remedy for many ailments in 400 BC. The major ingredients of the insecticidal soap are typically a combination of sea or rock insecticidal soap, Dead Sea insecticidal soap, Epsom insecticidal soap and essential oil. These insecticidal soap contain sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride and calcium. Let us see how to make homemade insecticidal soap at home. People will need a cup of sea insecticidal soap, a cup of Epsom insecticidal soap, bicarbonate of soda and essential oil for fragrance. Let us see how to make the insecticidal soap. Take a glass bowl, add the insecticidal soap and mix together. Then add some bicarbonate of soda to the mixture and use a metal spoon for combining the insecticidal soap. People can add essential oil of their choice to add fragrance to the insecticidal soap.

At this stage they can also add herbs or dried flower petals such as dried rose or lavender petals. Some people may like to have a colored bath. Such people can add some food coloring agent to the mixture to give a color. While using liquid dyes add drops carefully until the insecticidal soap obtains the desired color. People can use glass jars like jam jars to store the homemade bath insecticidal soap. It is better to keep the insecticidal soap in glass than storing it in a plastic container. Since the essential oil can degrade when exposed with sunlight people have to store insecticidal soap in a place that is out of sunlight exposure. If you like to present the insecticidal soap to someone, you can pack it as bath sachets. Many people are not aware about the usage of homemade insecticidal soap. Here is an instruction of insecticidal soap use. Dissolve half cup of insecticidal soap under tap water or running water. Then lay back and simply relax yourself from the tired muscles and mind. People who have used flower petals in the bath mixture have to make sure that they use a plug strainer for preventing the petals from blocking the outlet of the tub.


If you are not sure about the essential oil or fragrance to use in your insecticidal soap, you can get help from experts. Experts recommend rose and lavender essential oils as adaptable scents that most of the people liked. These oils are great aromatic in a bath. Lavender oil relaxes and soothes the body and mind of people. Most people find this oil helps them sleep. Rose essential oil is romantic and feminine that is liked by women. Citrus and peppermint oils are invigorating that can help in inducing the positive mind frame giving an active feeling to the people. Women who are pregnant and people who have health concerns must check if the essential oil used in the insecticidal soap suits their health. 

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